ABASTRA BigData solution is based on industry standard packages from the Hadoop family aiming at creation and analysis of large and versatile data sets.

This solution was created and is further developed based on:

  • Hadoop
  • Additional extensions and analytical functions
  • Dedicated diagrams for the visualization of data and results of the analytics

What is ABASTRA BigData

Thanks to the tools provided by ABASTRA BigData solution the user may;

  • create and browse database queries over large data sets
  • analyze business data
  • explore the data and visualize it on diagrams and charts
  • create and verify data models in scientific and business applications
  • predict and prevent various events, e.g. to predict churn

Creation and browsing of database queries

ABASTRA BigData allows to create database queries directly via an Internet browser thanks to the embedded editors and user interfaces. Thanks to these tools you can edit queries, check date and time of their usage and its results. The tools enable also graphic visualization of the available data.

Business data analytics

ABASTRA BigData platform enables the analysis of business data. Thanks to the available tools the user may collect from various sources the data required for business decisions. This data may be used for automation and optimization of business processes. Ideal business analysis is based on data quality and the quality of analytical processes on this data. Data-based decision taking comprises:

  • data exploration aiming at finding patterns and relations
  • explanation, why some events occured (statistical and quantitative analysis)
  • prediction of future events

Data exploration and discovery

ABASTRA BigData solution enables the exploration and analysis of data thanks to the application of advanced analytical functions. The user may, for example, check the popularity of a given article or the activity and behaviour of a given customer. All data may be presented in graphical form on diagram and charts.

Customization to the business processes

ABASTRA BigData solution may be customized to the customer's existing business processes. Such customization comprises also automation of the collection and analysis of the data as well as reporting of the results of the analysis.

Prediction and prevention of events

ABASTRA BigData enable prediction and prevention of events related to the churn. Such a process is critically important specifically to Internet businesses. Thanks to the available tools the user may verify latest customer's activity and retrieve data e.g. about the time or frequency of the customer - business relation. Such measures enable the discovery of the situation in which the relation is endangered and one may take actions to improve business and marketing activities.

ZOOM.ME delivered by Abastra

ZOOM.ME is an innovative approach to share captured moments with loved ones in the form of images. In a few seconds you can use your smartphone to take a photo and send it to several ZOOM.ME's simultaneously. On the other hand people who possess such as devices do not have to do anything. They can simply enjoy viewing the received photos that are displayed on the screen of ZOOM.ME digital photo frame. Read more...


This solution was created and is further developed based on:ABASTRA BigData solution is based on industry standard packages from the Hadoop family aiming at creation and analysis of large and versatile data sets. Data visualization and automation of reporting support optimization business processes. Advanced analytical function enable user behaviour analytics, e.g. churn prediction. Read more...

Computerworld ranking: Abastra among the largest software export companies in Poland.

In Computerworld Top 200 ranking comprising the 2011 summary of Polish software market, Abastra ranks high. In the prestigious category of the largest Polish software export companies we rank at 39. position. The whole software produced by Abastra was sold in Western Europe and East Asia.

ABATRIS is there!

In the ABATRIS tab above you may experience playable demo that demonstrates our WebGL skills. Requirements: a webbrowser with WebGL enabled.

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