Nowadays virtual reality has a wide spectrum of applications. Companies can use simulators and VR applications for the purpose of personnel training as a way of reducing time and cost otherwise necessary for such task. Another example can be interactive catalog. This way potential customer can find product of interest with ease.

Similarly interactive manual works. It can help you present to the customer how the product should be used and how it works. An alternative that highly increases product attractiveness is Augmented Reality (AR), which dynamically combines real image with the computer generated one. One of its many applications is visualization of buildings in places, where they are going to be built.

Ideas for utilizing AR are only bound by human imagination and we are here to implement those ideas.

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ZOOM.ME delivered by Abastra

ZOOM.ME is an innovative approach to share captured moments with loved ones in the form of images. In a few seconds you can use your smartphone to take a photo and send it to several ZOOM.ME's simultaneously. On the other hand people who possess such as devices do not have to do anything. They can simply enjoy viewing the received photos that are displayed on the screen of ZOOM.ME digital photo frame. Read more...


This solution was created and is further developed based on:ABASTRA BigData solution is based on industry standard packages from the Hadoop family aiming at creation and analysis of large and versatile data sets. Data visualization and automation of reporting support optimization business processes. Advanced analytical function enable user behaviour analytics, e.g. churn prediction. Read more...

Computerworld ranking: Abastra among the largest software export companies in Poland.

In Computerworld Top 200 ranking comprising the 2011 summary of Polish software market, Abastra ranks high. In the prestigious category of the largest Polish software export companies we rank at 39. position. The whole software produced by Abastra was sold in Western Europe and East Asia.

ABATRIS is there!

In the ABATRIS tab above you may experience playable demo that demonstrates our WebGL skills. Requirements: a webbrowser with WebGL enabled.

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